Ilanit Elmaliach

Ilanit Elmaliach

Dear Costa and Ala,

It’s difficult to summarize 10 years of joint together. But time is short and the moment that you going to leave are here.

So it all began 10 years ago when I got to the studio of Dalia.

There I met Costa. All classes in the studio, there was talk stories and some exercises but Costa lesson was like in the army. The lesson starts in time and takes an hour, during the lesson there was no moment of rest. Hour of exercise under the supervision of high-quality professional trainer who comes to do the job faithfully and professionalism. Slowly, the body is strengthened.

And body – building has become to strengthen the soul and mind. Like that for four years of intensive training.

After four years , I want to run and Costa send me to the best running coach I’ve known .Ala. slowly , she run with me miles and more miles pushing me and doesn’t giving up. For two years running and strength training.

Because a personal crisis I had to stop running.

Two months ago, I heard that Ala and Costa received a visa to Canada. I immediately called Costa and personally signed up to the program. However, in order to do as much training and fight time is running out.

And so ended the time without realizing after an intensive training program which grew stronger and I won again for best practice.

So before you leave. Wants to tell you there are many coaches in the country some are better and some are less, but professional trainers, honest and fair as you do not.

I wish you much success in your ways new. Would that you will get pleasure in joy and appreciation for your hard work.

Love and admire very much.

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