Zahvit Orlev

Zahavit Orlev
Trained by Alla for 2 years

My training with Alla “My queen” is my form of pension …

A woman who is a symbol of professionalism, sensitivity, a highly developed emotional intelligence.

I received a referral to Alla in thanks to a dear friend who was concerned about my neck after two falls as a result of Meniere disease. My friend claimed that the way I was holding my head is not right, forward and slightly twisted. I obviously was not paying attention and did not see.
The first fall came after I got a dizzy and felt my head “explode”, I came to the hospital with possible neck vertebrae injury. Not pleasant. The second time, I was standing on street somewhere in Silicon Valley and fell, this time without any injury to myself.
I thought for sure I’ll have to go with a helmet on my head.

I started with a one hour a week training time plus half an hour of medical massage. Today after two years of training I know this saved my life. It has built muscle mass in my body, helped the blood flow throughout my body which thru the training has greatly improved. As a result, the dizziness disappeared completely, falls do not happen anymore and physical I felt completely improved.
There are no muscles or parts of the body that we did not work on. The work is an effort, not crazy but slowly while treating the whole body. We worked with weights, bands, ropes and a balance ball “to strengthen the balance”. Her work is so thorough and professional and not one muscle is forgotten.
For two years, I had two events that required additional help:
1. normalizing the toe. Alla said: “You moved your lower back vertebra”. A Chiropractor took care of the back and normalization ruling.
2. Sprained foot. After four treatments, which involved yelling and leg pain, the foot returned to its previous state.

In addition to myself, my son who had back surgery when he was 19 years old and for 9 years of his life after he was in a bad situation. Pain and inability to sit. During his time at The University he would sit during call and then everything lying down. His quality of life was extremely poor. There is no travel, no entertainment and had difficulty throughout life.
He met Alla and she said to him: “What a wonder it hurts you, you do not have any muscles to hold the spine. Your muscles are completely loose and there is no reason for you to be in pain …”
Do you want to know how he is today…..?
All The Pain Disappeared Completely. My son is climbing mountains, swimming, Pilates, yoga, Cycling, everything….
Every family event nephews are on his shoulders, he travels endlessly (Supplementary lack of 10 years). In short, he is finally living his life
those who decide to work with Alla are getting a present and a new start in life.

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