Moran Su

Yuval, Ido, Yotam, Moran, and Ilan
Trained by Kosta and Alla for 7 years

To whom it may interest:

We had the honor and privilege to get to know and work with Konstantion Matussevich (always “Kosta” to us) and Alla Krimus.

Alla has assisted Moran since 2008, at a time when Moran suffered from back pains.  Through her professional knowledge, personal experience, and her personality, Alla cared for Moran with unceasing dedication in overcoming her chronic back pain, and for 7 years, diligently provided both regular treatments for Moran and other treatments whenever necessary.

Costa arrived due to Alla, and took upon himself the difficult task of training our son Ido, who suffers from functional difficulties, with dedication and unending patience for 6 consecutive years, a period during which no other professional had succeeded in working with him. Costa’s professionalism and sensitive treatment, apparent in his personal connection with Ido, was wonderful to behold.   With his great professionalism and broad knowledge, Costa became the personal trainer for the entire family!!!  During the past 4 years, he has come on a regular weekly basis for training for our family.

Having known Costa and Alla for 7 years, we are more than happy to recommend them as first-rate professionals in their respective fields, with medical knowledge and substantial professional experience, with top-notch personal dedication and trustworthiness.

We are extremely sorry, both professionally and personally, that they are leaving us, and we are certain that anyone working with them will be privileged to work with first-rate professionals.

We will be happy to personally attest to their capabilities.  You may reach Ilan at +972-50-972-9725. 

With deepest appreciation and gratitude,

Yuval, Ido, Yotam, Moran, and Ilan

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