Dvora and Roni Vizel

Dvora and Roni Vizel
Trained by Kosta and Alla for 9 years


I have been training with Kosta for the past ten years. I started training at the studio, and followed him to workout sessions in the park with a mattress and weights. Training with Kosta is training with an Olympic athlete. He’s very professional, the wide variety of exercises that he gives are challenging and, no less important, the work-out ends with no injuries. Kosta has the ability to match the type and level of the work-out to the capabilities of the participants, making a single session appropriately challenging for participants ranging from seven to seventy years of age.  The lessons are not easy, Kosta expects hard work, but at the same time he creates a pleasant atmosphere, cares for his students and notices small details. Kosta can always give a good tip, and knows how to encourage the stronger participants and help those who are struggling. I enjoyed the work-out sessions very much, and soon my husband joined as well. Later on my children joined the girls’ and the boys’ groups. My whole family exercised with Kosta, who became a significant person in making sports a way of life in our home.


The first time I decided to run a marathon, I asked Alla, former National Champion Runner, to prepare me for the challenge. It was important to Alla that we work hard during training, so that the run would go well the first time, and we would not feel the need to run another marathon to improve our performance.

And that’s just what happened. For five months my husband and I trained with Alla as our coach. Alla gave us a training plan for practices and necessary supplements, helped and encouraged us, and the results were that the Paris marathon was an amazing experience – we finished the run in good time and without injury.

Alla is a superb coach, she is very experienced, and knows how to help her trainees reach honorable achievements.

In addition to her talents as an athlete and coach, Alla is also a wonderful masseur. She is able to loosen tight muscles and works wonders. She cares about her costumers, is attentive, gives good advice and is always happy to help when needed.

Dvora and Roni Vizel

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