Arye and Jenny Roizman

Arye and Jenny Roizman
Trained by Kosta for 10 years

When we first met Kosta, my brother and I were overweight,  self conscious and really really hated sports. 

Kosta turned a fat 9 year old boy into a tall strong handsome young man. He taught him healthy eating and got him to actually enjoy sports. Today, at 21,  he is a confident young man, who goes to the gym 3-4 times a week because he actually LIKES it!

As for me,  Kosta showed me sports wasn’t so bad and surprisingly I actually have a pretty good endurance! Who would have thought? All I can modestly say, is that on my wedding day, I looked like a (thin) princess… 🙂 

Today I am a mother. I know that I will do anything within my reach to teach my daughter how to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle from day one.

On a more personal note, when my brother was only 13, our father died. Konstantin’s presence and support in this difficult and hurting time will always be precious to us. 

My brother and I  were lucky to have Kosta in our life and will be forever grateful.

Thank you Kosta!!!

Arye and Jenny Roizman

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