Professor Uriel Procaccia

Professor Uriel Procaccia
Trained by Kosta almost ten years

Professor Uriel Procaccia
788 Nahal Meshosim Street
Macabim, Israel, 71799
Telephone 972-(0)8-926-4476 Fax 972-(0)8-926-4475
Cell: 972-(0)52-466-8696

March 31, 2015

Dear Kosta:

I learned with mixed feelings of your intention to emigrate to Canada in late June. Of course I am happy for you and for your family for the new opportunities that lie for you ahead, but am deeply sorry to lose you as my personal trainer, trusted friend and adviser.

Almost ten years ago, at the age of 62, you accepted me as your trainee. At about 230 pounds I could hardly run a hundred yards or climb a decent flight of steps. My sugar level was way above normal and my blood pressure quickly approached dangerous levels. It was all reflected in my mood, of which I would rather forget.

You quite literally transformed my life. Patiently and with the highest professional standards you taught me to use my body again, to run, to swim, to ride my bikes and above all to get addicted to exercise and watch with incredulity how my body is rejuvenated and my mood reach new levels of self- esteem and overall gratification.

Today, only a couple of months shy of my 72th birthday, I do at least two 10k runs a week plus a number of other physical exercise sessions, including weight lifting with 40 pound weights in each hand, for 45 minutes almost without pause. I am down to around 180 pounds and losing. You also taught me that physical well -being is a matter of character, endurance and optimism.

May God and good fortune bless your journey. You will always be in my heart wherever you’ll happen to live. Give my love to dear Ella and the kids.


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