About Kosta

Shlomo Engler
Age 54 , Trained by Kosta for 8 years

I met Kosta and started to work with him in 2007 at the age of 46. I was familiar with Konstantin Matoussevich many years ago from watching the high jump final in Sydney 2000. I did not think that one day, one of the best Athletes of Israel and one of the best high jump athletes in the world will be my trainer.

I began to work with him in the studio with weights of 2 kg. It was hard!! Then I joined the team he trained in the park – In Running , Climbing more than 700 stairs, walking in the sand and doing many other crazy things.

In the first weeks all my body hurt. I asked Kosta for mercy – “I can not do this 20 times – I can do this 10 times only” – But Kosta continued to count…

Time passed and the weights got bigger – 3 kg , 4 kg , 5 kg but I continued to come to the park!!! I felt much better.

Then I decided that I want a private lessons at home. Kosta and I met every Friday in my house and the results surprised me – Weight of 20 kg in the air!!!

Kosta knows well the human body and finds the right training for each one.

I learned that in any age you can do sport. After each meeting with him in the park or at home I felt great.

Kosta and his family decided to move to Canada .It is big loss for me but I know and I’m certain that everyone that will work with him will enjoy his special skills.

I wish him and his family all the best and lots of luck!

Shlomo Engler
Macabim , Israel
24 April 2015

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